About Me

HI! My name is MARIA MERCEDES DIAZ, I am from the beautiful country of Argentina, homeland of TANGO and I am also an LOA CERTIFIED LIFE COACH!

I don’t like talking about myself very much, but I know that it is necessary for you to get to know me a little, so…here I go!

I am a mother of 4 children, three girls and a baby boy. (Family has always come first for me!) I’ve been living together with the love of my life for 6 years now, and I live a very intense and happy life which I feel blessed by, every single day!

But it hasn’t always been like that.

I’ve had many occupations before I got here…I studied Publicity but felt the competition was not the Coopetition I was looking for, sold clothes in my own shop for 6 years, (the economy in my country did not help) and ended up full of debts to the point that I had to sell my house to pay and had to go back to live with my parents at the age of 30! :/


HOWEVER…as I have always believed I am blessed, I applied for a job as a stewardess and as I managed with the English language pretty well by that time, I got a contract with a local company for which I worked 6 years.

This wonderful occupation gave me the opportunity to visit a couple of countries in America, Europe and Asia. But the main thing that was about to change in my life was that here it was the first time I heard of SHAKTI GAWAIN and LOUISE HAY. I was amazed by this two women, trademarks of self growth and spirituality, and decided to see what all this was about. Later, although I decided to “land”, settle down and get married, this stage in my life would be the beginning of a whole new ERA for me.

In 2001 I gave birth to my first daughter. In fact I had THREE daughters IN THREE YEARS AND THREE MONTHS! Pretty intense… (What’s with Number three, right? I should ask a numerologist!)LOL!

I was saying… I have three beautiful daughters. Now they are 15, 13 and 12, but at that time they were very little and I didn’t want to leave them while working in the air, so… as I have always loved the English language, I gave up my career as a stewardess and decided to take the English TEACHER’s TRAINING COURSE in my country.


It was long and pretty difficult to finish the career having three kids, but I managed, and started teaching English to adult students in companies in the process. I made enough money to make ends meet by that time, because unfortunately the father of my three girls and I had gotten a divorce.

I couldn’t work all day because my girls came back from school at midday and I had no help, so I needed to find another option. Giving up was not one! I needed something that paid well for a part time job and that could also let me be with my kids at home in the afternoons.

I became a BEAUTY EXPERT (studying again 😉 I LOVE STUDYING) and did well there too!! But there was this small issue you know…how could I work having my girls around at home and with no help? I knew who could understand and support me in this critical situation I was in then. My girls had companions, and this companions had mothers, they were the perfect clients by that time! They understood me deeply and felt comfortable in a family atmosphere. While my girls watched Disney’s princesses in awe, I was making women look as pretty as queens. These women even brought candy and cookies for my girls! I am so grateful for that! I’ll NEVER FORGET.I was blessed all the time!

By 2008, I was an English teacher in the mornings and a beauty expert that worked at home in the afternoons, with three kids of 7, 5 and 3 years old. It was really exhausting! By this time I was watching the movie “The Secret” EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

I started learning about the Law of Attraction and putting everything into practice.


I was starting to feel a bit discouraged and tired with my life, things were hard and I really felt the need of a companion, but the possibilities of meeting somebody in that situation, were practically zero! And again! GUESS WHAT! The Universe heard me. I got a new English student who later became the father of my smaller son (now a year and a half) and the love of my life.

Back to my story, in 2011, I was offered to work in a Multilevel Marketing business with an American Company. There I met WONDERFUL PEOPLE, learnt a lot about self-growth, building a business from scratch and helping and motivating people. Speaking in public and broadcasting webinars were also part of this amazing learning process. But again…there was STILL a space in my heart that was not being filled.

I’ve always loved everything I have done, fortunately I have never put money in the first place IN THIS CRAZY PATH OF 100 careers that I had… Of course I worked for the money because I had my girls and myself to support, but I always chose what INTUITIVELY FELT RIGHT… I have to confess that sometimes I felt ashamed of  changing occupations so much, it looked illogical from the outside…but I was determined to follow my inner voice without paying attention to what other people might think.


By 2008 I started getting e-mails on the subject of self growth, like you probably do now, inviting me to webinars and free coaching sessions, but I intuitively paid attention to certain ones and not others. Only the ones I was drawn to.

I studied like crazy, from all the big mentors. I am so grateful to Ester Hicks (Abraham), whom I listen avidly to (every morning and night) Bob Proctor, whose courses I took in 2011, Christy Whitman and the QSCA (where I got certified), Sheila Callahan my beloved teacher, The Robbins-Madanes Training videos which I learnt so much from, and so many others that showed and are still showing me the right steps to follow…

This occupation is my ULTIMATE PASSION. I FEEL IT DEEP IN MY HEART. It includes everything I’ve learnt

and got experience from in my professional life: Publicity, English,beauty,traveling, marketing and building a business, and the main thing, THE INGREDIENT THAT HAS BEEN MISSING UP TO NOW…

CONTRIBUTION! I love helping people with the issues in their lives, I love studying cases, I deeply enjoy all of my coaching sessions as a client and as a coach too. I have been VERY SUCCESSFUL as a coach, before and after my Certification.

Now I am here, launching my web page, with you, ready to celebrate!

But this is MY life, right? As you can see very intense…Now I could say that you know me a little… BUT what do I have for YOU?

Are you interested in knowing?

I am ready and eager to help you!