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Today I want to share with you why GOOD, Love and light are PURE SCIENCE!



Hi, Again!

Once I read in an article which said:

“Light fills dark places naturally and effortlessly… Just like that! Have you ever seen a dark room and how it lights up when somebody gets in with a torch, a lantern or a cell phone?

Have you ever seen the opposite? Have you ever seen a brightly lighted room and somebody entering the room with a torch of darkness, or a lantern that absorbs the light?

Never, right? It sounds ridiculous. It is just not natural. The GOOD is natural, the light, the sun, good feelings, being able to manifest! All you need to do is let it happen by raising your energetic vibration to a level where the heaviness of low vibrations disappear.

Light is so much potent than darkness…think about it.”

This article rang a bell in my mind, woke up great curiosity in me…because although I KNEW it was the truth, I couldn’t explain why…until a couple of days ago I run into good information that clarified things for me completely and at a deep level.

The story goes like this:

A professor was challenging his students with the aim to demonstrate that God, or Source as we call it, does not exist. He asked: “Did God create everything that exists?”

A brave student answered: “yes. HE did!” “Really? Absolutely EVERYTHING?” The student answered “Yes”.

“So, either GOD created EVIL or does not exist at all, because according to the concept that our deeds are a reflex of who we are, then God is Evil”

The student was silent for a moment and the professor was grinning thinking he had made his point and demonstrated that God did not exist.

Another student raised his hand and asked: “Can I ask you a question, Sir?”

“Of course,” answered the professor.

“Does cold exist?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course cold exists!” Answered the professor. “Haven’t you ever been cold?”

“In fact Sir, cold does not exist. According to the Laws of Physics, what we consider cold is actually absence of heat. “Every body or object can be studied ONLY if it transmits or has energy. The absolute 0 is total absence of heat…all bodies become inert, lifeless, incapable of reaction, but cold does not exist. We have created this term in order to describe how we feel if we don’t have heat”.

He asked again: “Does darkness exist? The professor answered: “Of course it does!” “Sorry Sir, but that is wrong… darkness does not exist. Darkness is in fact absence of light. LIGHT can be studied, darkness cannot. We know that light can be decomposed into all the colors of the rainbow and in its wavelengths, darkness cannot. Only one ray of light tears darkness, we can measure it. How can we know how dark a place is? According to the amount of light that is present in that space…Darkness is only a term that man has created in order to describe what happens when there is no light.”

Finally, the young man asked the professor: “Does evil exist?” The professor answered: “Of course it does, there are rapists, crimes and violence all over the world, those things are EVIL…” The student answered: “Evil does not exist, sir, or does not exist in itself, it is the absence of GOD, the same as in the other examples, and God did not create Evil. Evil is the result of humanity not having God in their hearts. It is what happens when there is no heat or no light…”

The professor nodded, and remained silent.


That student was Albert Einstein.


Einstein said: Darkness and cold do not exist! Light and heat do.

Which end of the stick do you choose to believe in and develop? The truth or the lie?

Do you now see why, only good, love and light are the truth? It is PURE SCIENCE!

LOVE and LIGHT to you all. 😉 I guess you now feel like working on our affirmations. They are your ray of light!

Today I am giving away affirmation N 5 stay tuned!

Use it as your lantern, torch or cell phone! Bring light into your life!!




AFFIRMATION IS “I appreciate contrast but I know that Love Light and Abundance are the truth”


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