“Mercedes combines her coaching skills with her warm personality and her unique intuition and a general life wisdom- and the result is a great coach that you feel safe to share any problem with and supported enough to tackle any issue!  Thank you for being you Mercedes!”

Naomi S.

“I have been coached by Mercedes (Maria-Mercedes) on a number of occasions over the last few years. Mercedes has great intuitive methods of digging through the issues to get to the real source of the pain. She will help guide you in making clear positive decisions in your life. these decisions will come to you as you move through your sessions and you will feel like the world has been lifted from your shoulders. I can not recommend her enough.”


“I have the privilege to be coached by Maria Mercedes Diaz — and what a blessing the coaching sessions are in my life. Her approach to my life’s challenges is very loving and accepting, and this made me always feel safe in our sessions. Mercedes‘ deep wisdom and her ‘old soul’ help me feel understood and acknowledged in every way. She especially helped me in understanding my husband better, something I am deeply grateful for. Her wisdom when it comes to understanding the opposite gender, surprised me, because it was as simple as it was complex. I truly recommend Mercedes to anyone who’d like to have a better understanding of themselves and their partners, too. I feel empowered and closer to my own divine being after each session, the processes she uses are soothing the energy of whatever unpleasant emotions I was experiencing before. I can only speak for myself, but our coaching sessions haven’t only helped me, but they helped my relationships as well. Thank you, Mercedes, for bringing me closer to myself, for helping me to get out of my own way. I am looking forward to our next session already:-).”

Doris Kaessler
Blue Coast France

Mercedes approaches coaching the way she approaches life: with warmth, humor, and a positive attitude. She is encouraging and holds a vision for you when you can’t hold it for yourself. When you can’t see yourself as you desperately wish to be, she stands in the gap until you can start to see it for yourself. It’s such an essential quality of a coach because even though you as the client are doing your own work, you need someone who can see over your head, past the shadows in front of you, to the light at the end of the tunnel. Mercedes has a wealth of life experience that helps her relate to just about any situation, and her commitment to coaching runs steady and deep. You feel you have a cheerleader in your corner with Mercedes and when life gets too serious, her humor and positivity is a breath of fresh air. She’s said her whole life has led her to coaching, and I believe it. This is what she’s meant to be doing.”

Nicole Parks

“Before I get started my long journey with Maria Mercedes, i was feeling God has forsaken about me because I was lost, hopeless and strengthless to continue living for, at that time, I realized that i needed to do some changes in my life, so I felt that I have to look for someone whose wisdom could guide me to find out the truth and help me to answer all the questions I had.

Ask and you will receive!

So the universe right away sent me Maria Mercedes, I can’t believe it, it was an absolutely miracle, since that day I just realized a fact: my life will never be the same again.

When the student is ready, the master will appear!

It was exactly what happened to me, from the beginning, it was so easy for me to understand that Maria Mercedes was the right and blessed person to help me out. She has an unbelievable naturally sense of touch to value perfectly your current situation, no doubt, she was so kind, human, charismatic and truly honest with me all the time, you can feel she was wide open and so reliable person to ask to, therefore, she shows you the right direction to follow to pushing me beyond limits and achieving an incredible successful, happiness and rewards lifetime.

Without any questions, working together with Maria Mercedes has been an amazing experience; she is very interactive, wise and professional coach, also she develops a worthy and confident relationship with her student. She has helped me to achieve a full connection within my own being, of course, Maria Mercedes has an extraordinary gift, talent and knowledge to change my weakness for strengths and to help me out through the awakening of my creative and innovative abilities.

You are what are you looking for!

Thanks to Maria Mercedes I’ve changed my life forever, now I’m totally conscience about myself, finally I’m a free person reaching a new human identity. Thanks Maria Mercedes I´ve rediscover my passion and burning my inner fire, definitely, I’m living the life I’ve always wanted to live and my dreams are becoming true, my life is fullness and so plenty, I´ve started to rebuild all my projects, I’m feeling better applying a whole new productive habits but I´ve a clearly vision about what is my new life mission I have to accomplish to and the discipline and commitment to make it happen.

Maria Mercedes she has brought light into my darkness, she has gave me the key to open doors, she has taught me to believe in myself and she shows me the path to reaching the highest level of awareness and conscience, I just feel as a power and inspirited human being in all sense, I´ve the change to live a limitless, fearless and courage life, however, her best spiritual lesson I’ve learned from is this: my inner world creates my outer world.

If there is anyone who needs a big change and truly support in his life, I highly recommended looking out for Maria Mercedes; I’m so sure she will give you the right solutions according to your right kind of problems you have.

Maria Mercedes in as a wonderful and priceless coach as a human being, I remain eternally grateful to her and I will never forget you and I will never forget everything you have done for me, I´m so honored and very pleased to having known you because you had help me to find out the only true I needed to understand: to create a reality out of possibility.”

Jose Antonio

“Mercedes is a loving, kind and compassionate coach. She intuitively knows just the right process to use for whatever I want to work on. When I am stuck, she gently guides me through to find answers. I leave the sessions with Mercedes with clarity. She provides tools to continue using after the session. Thank you Mercedes for all that you have done for me.”

Engineer USA