The next logical step

Hi, my friends! You know by now that we are working on abundance and prosperity, right? So I decided to answer to many people who wanted to know when how and all the details that take place before we actually manifest what we want.

We want to “have” as a possession (step 1)

When we want something, the first thought that comes to our mind is to “have” that which we want, the feeling or the thing, sometimes even the person. :/ However we shouldn’t blame ourselves for feeling that way, it is just our insecurity that wants the thing as something “external”, out of ourselves, unreachable. Clearly not as our divine right!  We feel and think that way, because we believe deep inside, that what we want is something we will never be able to have. With that idea, insecurity takes root, and we feel the need to cling to what we want desperately, not with trust and faith, which are the main ingredients for manifestation.

Fear doubt and worry are the kings of this step. Make peace with these feelings, take those feelings as part of the process and move on!

You WILL feel uncomfortable where you are and you will feel that you need to grow, but you will also feel uncomfortable with the new idea because it means moving towards the unknown!

Don’t blame yourself, understand with love and compassion and know that you need to BE a vibrational match (step 2)

We want more because our SOUL is constantly looking for expansion, and we want new energy IN OURSELVES all the time. To manifest, we need to become the vibrational match of that which we want. And here we need to go a bit deeper.

Becoming the vibrational match is like tuning a radio, and while deep inside what you want to hear is Tango, you tune the station into Justin’s Beaver remix of “Despacito” LOL J  You will never hear Tango on that radio station, the same way we CANNOT really GET what we want if we do not become the vibrational match to that which we want. Wanting something or someone’s energy is no more than the best way our soul has to inspire us to look for more expansion, and BE MORE, DO MORE AND WANT MORE!

How to go from longing to manifesting…naturally! Be a vibrational match! Do not contradict! (step 3)

When you are a vibrational match to what you want, you start feeling “comfortable” let’s say and you start ALLOWING this new thing into your life, as something natural, possible, but how?

Through elements like affirmations, vision-boards or meditation you will start feeling more and more at ease with what you want to manifest, where you want to go with your life, and how you want to feel. Repetition, mainly of affirmations, make us change by becoming acquainted with the new idea, more comfortable.

Think of this: How did you feel when you started kinder garden? I’m sure you probably cried. What about primary school? And College, University, your first job? You were probably very much at a loss, but by mid-year you knew how to behave, what to do, how to organize and what to expect.

Did you have any idea of how you would feel the last day of the year the moment you started? No clue, right? So, don’t expect to know every single detail that needs to take place and how to go over each and every one of them in order to manifest. You will know on the way, you will know what to do, you will know who to meet, but the most important tip I can give you is to follow your intuition and believe in yourself. Trust and don’t contradict by overthinking!!!Enjoy the journey!

An inspiring story.

I felt inspired to share with you the beautiful story that my friend Andrea Flores told me a couple of days ago, which illustrates the steps of manifestation perfectly. Thank you very much Andrea!

The story goes like this: There were two men that worked coming and going on the same car, one of them was a young journalist and the other a young driver who drove the journalist back and forth to all his notes.

One day the journalist noticed that the driver was listening to cassettes in English, he felt curious and asked: “why are you listening to cassettes in English?” “Because I am training to be a pilot, so I need to study English”. The reporter was surprised and even felt proud of the driver, but deep inside he had his doubts that this dream could become true… becoming a pilot involves taking flying lessons which are extremely expensive… but of course, he didn’t express these feeling out loud.

Another day when he got on the car, he saw the driver scribbling and writing sketches and numbers and asked again: “what are you doing?” And the young man answered: “Remember that I told you that I wanted to become a pilot? Well, I’ve been taking flying lessons with the money I made with my job and I am doing well, so I am now learning to make some calculations and I’m studying for my exams”. Needless to say, the reporter was very happily surprised, because he now noticed that the driver was serious and was planning to do whatever needed to be done in order to make his dream come true.

Sometime later, the journalist got on the car, but the young driver was no longer his driver. He wandered what might have become of this young guy…

Two or three months ago,2017 already, the journalist (now a mature man and a well-known reporter) got on a plane to New York, and when the captain started speaking, he recognized the name and surname of the man that used to drive him in the car when he started his career. With deep emotion he asked for permission to visit the cockpit and there he was! The Captain was this young man, now as mature as himself, who had shared his dream with him so long ago, and managed to make it possible.

The next logical step

Step 4 !!!

Isn’t this a beautiful story?

This is STEP 4. This is manifestation. This is the step in which the person gets what he or she really, really, really wants!

But manifestation is no more that THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP. When you know what you want, you do what you feel and need to do without listening to naysayers, when you follow the steps through JOY, manifestation will take place. Things will happen for you, and there is NO WAY that you will not get what you want, because is it LAW. It is the LOA in action, in full expression.

Remember: manifestation is no more than THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP.

I wish you the best, continue with your affirmations, and remember to write them down!!


A big kiss and a hug, love you!

See you the next video!!

😉 Mercedes.


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